Staves disappear in Page View Full Score but not in Galley or Layout Part

Is this a known issue? I’m bamboozled. After working on a large orchestral piece for a year, suddenly, out of the blue, instruments (staves) have disappeared from the Full Score Page View. They still exist in Galley View and the individual Layout parts. This is not a “Manual Staff Visibility” issue. I have un-condensed and re-condensed the score to no avail. I can get around it using the “Manual Staff Visibility” on every relevant page but that shouldn’t be necessary (262 page score!). A clue is that it only seems to affect the woodwind, the second of each being a doubler. As I said after a year on the score this hasn’t been the case until a couple of days ago. It was a Dorico 4.3 file. I upgraded today to Dorico 5 but that has not solved the problem. Grateful for any advice!

Are those staves empty? If so, you should check Layout options > Vertical spacing > Staff visibility > Hide empty staves setting…

No. Full of notes. (The empty staves are hidden as they should be.)

I think we’ll need to see the project itself to be able to advise what might be going on there. If you’re unable or unwilling to share it here publicly, please send it to me in a private message. Be sure to include the information about one or two of the pages where staves are missing.

Is there any chance these staves have ended up with massive Staff Spacing offsets? What happens when you reset staff spacing either just on one page with the offending missing staves or for the entire layout? (see the tip at the end of this page for the menu options, which are on the Engrave menu in Engrave mode)

Thanks, Lillie, but no, it’s nothing like that. Daniel is kindly taking a look at the file

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