Staves for notes

Dear all,

I want to create a version of my orchestral score where there is an empty piano stave at the top at all moments so that when I print it out I can make annotations with a pencil. I changed the name of the piano to “notes” and excluded it from hide empty staves.
The problem is that I cannot remove the rests that automatically show up in every bar…

Layout Options–Players–Bar Rests–Don’t show bar rests in empty bars.

You could turn off all bar rests from Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests.

If you need to retain the rests in the other instruments, you’d need to put a note somewhere on each of the piano staves (the downbeat of bar 1?) and set it to End Voice immediately in the properties panel. If you then custom scaled it to 1% and suppressed playback you’d effectively have an entirely empty grand staff on the print out.

I’d like it if hide/show bar rests were also a property of the player, like hide/show chord symbols.

Thank you very much! So as I understand, there is no easy way to remove all rests from the “notes” staves while keeping the rests for empty bars in other staves?

Leo’s method works easily enough…

Oh, excuse me, I didn’t understand Leos, concept right away. Now that I understand it’s pretty easy. Thank you again!

Another option, depending on your needs and preferences, is to add the piano, and then simply add an open meter to the piano part only via alt+enter. Then you get a whole rest on the first stave only, and it’s blank the rest of the way through.