Staves in write mode too close together

I’ve been struggling with, and searching for, this for a while but my Google-fu has failed.

In write mode the staves are so close together that it’s difficult to use the marquee tool to select notes, say, on a lower staff that don’t overlap articulations on the staff above. This feels like an engrave thing, but it’s just for writing and it has flummoxed me. This software can do anything as long as I know how to do it. And this, I don’t.


Are you talking about Galley View, specifically? If so, Galley View’s not designed to do any collision avoidance, but there’s a percentage setting in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing to increase the gaps between staves in Galley View. Try increasing it.

Thanks for the reply. (didn’t expect a late Friday night response so apologies for not getting back)

I’m always in Galley View and so forget to look elsewhere. That worked perfectly in Page View so I’ll just have to change/modify my habits! I kept upping that setting to absurdly larger and larger values for Galley View and saw no results, so I thought it was just so subtle I was missing it.

Again, thanks so much.

The option I meant was Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Ideal Gaps > In galley view, expand ideal gaps to: x%.

Try setting that to something absurd and you should see a difference in Galley View.

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Ugh. Even better! And that was a pretty basic Google search away (“dorico galley view staff spacing”) so no excuse.

Thanks again.