Stay in key in piano roll

Stay in key

Double right-click the piano roll to select a scale and stamp a scale on your piano roll. No more getting confused about whether your notes are in key or not.

Are you aware that you can color the Notes in the Key Editor based on the Chord Track and not the default Velocity.

There is a bug in that the setup does not currently show the color labels, which are (by default):
Green - in both chord and key
Dark Blue - in chord but not in key
Light Blue - in key but not in chord
Red - not in chord or key

Yes but it’s just not intuitive and a lock to scale would be so much smoother, cleaner with less faff. Cubase needs to add these small touches which will bring it in line woth daws such as ableton live. They’re only small things but make a huge difference to work flow.

Cubase has been able to painlessly do this for many years. The tool is called Transformer which is housed in the Midi Inserts.

On your Midi/Instrument track apply the “Transformer” Midi Insert.

  1. Top Area enter:
    Type Is - Equal - Note

  2. Bottom Area enter:
    Value 1 - Transpose to Scale - [Parameter 1] choose key - [Parameter 2] choose scale

  3. Very Bottom enter:
    Function type - “Transform”

You’re all set – Jam away :wink:

OK first of all you are a very VERY beautiful man (or woman). Thank you for sharing this. This is so very useful for me. I actually do remember reading somewhere about this but I couldn’t get it to work for some reason and then forgot about it.

Do you know if it’s possible to enable it so that instead of playing the same note twice to keep it in key, it just ‘silences’ the next note that is not in the scale?

The only thing i would say is despite this being very cool, it seems to be buried in the complexity of cubase - I wonder if it would not be more user friendly to have such a useful tool available simply as a button in the piano roll midi page - click on for ‘scale lock to project key’ and boom done. Even though as i say it’s a great discovery for me, you kinda still have to open a plug-in and set the scale manually each time rather than something a little quicker and user friendly as I mentioned.

:+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:Thanks !