Stay with Halion?

Hello I just recently upgrade to a W7 64bit PC and now found I can not run my old Halion 3 software. Which now I have to either replace or upgrade. Is the new Halion 4 worth the upgrade or are there other options out there that I should also look at. In addtion I also have the first addition of The Grand which also doesn’t work very well and was wondering if I did upgrade to Halion do I really need to have The Grand at all? Doesn’t Halion come with some very nice pianos?

I have to say first of all that I was neither a HALion 3 nor a Grand user, and decided on Kontakt because I got fed up waiting for HALion 4. Nevertheless, I’m glad I eventually did succumb to the temptation of HALion 4 if only for the integration into Cubase. I now really like H4 and it’s my sampler of choice for creating sounds, however I wouldn’t be without Kontakt just yet either because I have a sizeable investment in libraries; however I intend to convert most of these to H4 – the unprotected ones load directly into H4 and the protected ones will play in the free Kontakt Player.

In your case I would think the upgrade from H3 to H4 is a no-brainer because you can use play all the H3 content in H4. I can’t say if you’ll be happy with the pianos but my preference is the wonderful Yamaha S90ES.

I assume you are using Nuendo-5 64-bit. I am running the same type of computer (W7 i7 64bit PC) and am having no trouble running Halion-3. The version I have is v3.5 64-bit.

Even if you are using the 32-bit version of H3, I think you will be able to ‘bridge’ it to N5-64bit.

Yes, Halion 3 has a 3.5 update which is 64 bit and works fine, perhaps you should look into this and try again before you write it off? The Grand I cannot answer for, but it may be in a similar boat?

As for Halion 4 being worth it, I would have to say so and without a doubt. Sure it has a few shortcomings I hope to see addressed in future versions and it lacks some features the competition has, but for what it does offer, it is extremely intuitive and can really pack a punch. The integration into Cubase and note expression make it a God send for me. I have never worked better than I do now that I have Halion 4. It is the most important piece in my studio now outside of Cubase 6 and my UAD plugins. I wouldn’t part with any of the above mentioned.

Though I don’t have much money for software updates, I am anxious to see what a new version of Halion brings as I would like to see quite a few new features and refinements included to make Halion all that much better.

Since you have a dongle, why not the Halion 4.5 demo and try it out hassle for 60 days to see how it holds up?

Best of luck in your decision.

HALion 3 content can be used directly in HALion 4, so another reason to try the demo, and as Cantankerous has pointed out, the 3.5 64-bit update is a cost-free solution if you don’t like HALion 4. Be aware though that there is a fairly steep learning curve so be prepared to invest enough time during the trial period … it’s definitely worth it. I’d also like to think we’re only at the beginning of the 4-series product development, and I feel we’re going to see a lot more if it!

probably not under the 4 name however. I can see things becoming better in Halion 5, which will be a payed update. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. Steinberg have never released any updates past x.5.x. Summer NAMM is next month, so we will see if anything is mentioned at that time.

Absolutely, especially when you consider the VST3.5 support in HALion 4. This really makes the performance part of the sampler a cut above the rest. And you already read some of the other reasons, like being able to use your H3 content in H4, the close integration with the host, etc.

I am not in the market for other samplers so I am not aware of current prices, but considering you have H3 already, I would think that the cost to H4 is relatively decent.

Go with HALion 4.x - much more than a sampler: a fast, reliable and amazing sound design workstation!

Even there is a 30% price drop here:

Is this maybe the sign of the coming HALion 5?