Steel drum (steelpan) sounds?

I’ve asked this question on the Dorico forum, with no response, so will try here:

Does anyone know of a Sound Library, compatible with Steinberg products, that offers an authentic Steel Drum sound? (Also known as Steelpan, or just Pan.)



Scroll down to Steel Drum. There are sound fonts in various formats.

Do you have Halion?

To agree with TEEF, i’m fairly sure halion has some in one of the ‘world’ banks, UVI would probably be worth a look too as their stuff covers a lot of ground too…

If you want the shiznit, get Indigisounds which runs on Kontakt. It is the ultimate.

A low $ alternative is Tonehammer’s lib.

Perhaps not exactly the steel drum sound you are looking for, but Soniccouture has got a truly beautiful library called “Pan Drums”.

Have you tried

  • World Instruments - Steel Drums Jam. (You have to switch of the flex phraser. It’s not perfectly authentic to my ears, but it’s OK if the music’s busy.)
  • World Instruments - Steel Drums Studio. (Much better, and no flex phraser)
  • World Instruments - Steel Pans (similar to Steel Drums Studio)
  • HALion Sonic SE2 Basic Set - [GM 115] Steel Drums (Timbre is too mellow, annoying resonance in tail end)
  • HALion Sonic SE2 Basic Set - Analog Steel Drums (Thin sound with unfortunate de-tuning in the tail end)

This one turns out to fit my need exactly. Thanks so much.


You’re welcome!! I really love that library, truly beautiful sounds. Used them in a lot of projects. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’d not heard of this company before but just checked out their webs… some really interesting stuff they have, thanks for that :smiley: