Steinber Activation manager issue

Why do I have two duplicate records of the same instrument and how to fix it? I already actvated Backbone and Groove agent and then I was asked to activate them again and of course I couldn’t do this.

These two instruments are not working because they are kinda not activated.

Where can I get help with it? I mentioned this issue before here Licenses upgrade issue - #4 by damour86

You have Backbone and Groove Agent twice in your list and one of each is activated and should work. There should be no need to have them twice here and I don’t believe it will stop you from using them.

Did you look through this support page?

Did you try to activate Backbone and Groove Agent twice?

I had some vouchers doubled and I tried to activate the same product twice by mistake. I ended up in same situation like you. One license activated and one expired.

Support fixed it for me and removed the duplicates.

It looks that that first, activated license is ignored and expired one is taken into account. GA% and Backbone are asking for license and I cannot use them.

Hm, where exactly did you asked for support’s help? Thanks

Depending on where you are, you can contact support via phone

There is a button down on that page that shows you the phone numbers.

You can use the link provided by @JuergenP and create a support request.

I live in a country with no direct support so I emailed my local distributor. Surprisingly the issue was fixed within 24 hours.