Steinberg 40th anniversary date

Just curious to know the exact date of the formation of the company in 1984 - and therefore the exact anniversary date in 2024. Are there any special events planned to mark this. Someone ought to write a history of the company. I’ve been a fan of Steinberg products since around 2002 and before. It has been such a massive influence on the development of computer based music technology.

Milestones in Steinberg’s History (scroll down the page).

According to this article (Sound On Sound, July 1986) Steinberg was founded in early 1983.


Indeed, did we not have the anniversary last year? :thinking:

Thanks. Thats partly why I asked the original question. Wikipedia places it as 1984…

The company was founded in 1984 by Karl Steinberg and Manfred Rürup in Hamburg.[5] As early proponents and fans of the MIDI protocol, the two developed Pro 16, a MIDI sequencing application for the Commodore 64 and soon afterwards, Pro 24 for the Atari ST.

Also over on the Dorico forum one of the senior Steinberg staff members was talking of the 40th anniversary year being this year. But I wouldn’t dispute the excellent early SOS article either.

To be found at the bottom of the website :wink:

Thanks for the link to the article. Interesting to read that Charlie envisioned in 1986 already the “in-the-box” studio… and helped to make it come true.
Dreamer and visionary … so necessary.

Free line of lyric up for grabs :grin: