Steinberg 816x firewire to usb with Macbook Pro

I just literally inherited an 816x and Macbook Pro which were working together in a studio-I think. What I can’t figure out is how the 816x interfaced to the Macbook because the Pro is USB C (no firewire), and the 816x is firewire. Will a regular firewire <–>usb adaptor work or is that going to cause problems? The studio also includes many sounds and Cubase, also on the Mac.

I don’t have all the cables from the studio so I am not sure how he achieved that interface. Thanks!

Since the laptop has USB Type C ports you are going to need a Franken-Cablewith multiple dongles.

Like this

The presenter says to get the Apple Thunderbolt 3 ( USB C) - Thunderbolt 2 adapter and he is correct.

HOWEVER … make sure the laptop can run an older Mac OS which will support the 32 bit Steinberg 816 driver/control panel. I still have an old laptop with High Sierra and the second to most recent driver release ( there’s lots of posts about this )

It might be your laptop is too new to run older OS’s … in which case it won’t work.

I’m Still mad at SB for this…

Good luck!

Thank you. I have a2017 macbook pro so i should be ok.