Steinberg Activation Manager and/or License engine not working and causing crashes

I’ve ran into a huge issue that has seem to have effected everything.

My Cubase 13 would take over 7 mins to load License Engine on the splash screen. Sometimes after a crash, this part wouldn’t load at all - only fixed by restarting my computer.

In attempt to fix this, I reinstalled Steinberg Activation Manager. Since then, I cannot log in to the activation manager, meaning I can not work.

The app crashes often, or causes a big windows crash. Clicking on ‘Sign In’ does not open the internet browser. I’ve removed Norton, changed default browser, reinstalled all Steinberg products and managers/assistants.

I have attached a diagnostic report.

Would this have any relation to Cubase suddenly taking ages to load?

If there is some sort of ‘permission granting’ on app data folders or similiar, would someone be able to point out exactly how this is done?

Thanking you!!

O (12.5 KB)

Make sure it is removed completely.

I uninstalled - anything else I can do?