Steinberg activation manager installation issue

i can`t install Steinberg activation manager …cubase 12 pro stucks on: checking Licenses…


If you can’t install SAM, Cubase cannot verify the license.

Why you can’t install it, please?

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Well i dont know why the the installation doesnt work…i`ve tried several times without success


So could you describe step by step, what happens?

What steps you do? What is an expected result and what happens instead?

Hi there,
my trouble started when i updated my cubase 12 pro upgrade.
Cubase 12 pro didn’t open anymore, but the eLincer had all my products. i requested for support in Steinberg helpdesk and support, after two days i got the help from one of the supporter…to just activate my license through Steinberg Activation manage…so i did and cubase 12 pro were activated for 5 mn and no more, and Steinberg Activation manager didn`t function anymore until now, i’ve reinstalled everything starting from cubase 11.0.41, but impossible to install Steinberg Activation manager…i’m still searching and waiting to found a solution…so those are my steps until now


Could you be more specific in this, please? What steps you do? What is an expected result and what happens instead?

What’s specific than what i’ve explained here? if you don`t have any help to give …then just let it go please !


I try to help, but I still don’t know what happens if you try to install SAM. You double-click the installer… and then?

Becomes any part installed? Do you get any window, any message?

Hi Martin,
when I run Steinberg activation manager, it shows the installer window for
a few seconds, then that disappears and nothing happens.
Installation is not performed and there is no error message. Just nothing shows up.

Are you sure you’re running the right program.


Make sure you trigger the installer as administrator, please.

The description says Steinberg Library Manager, but the link points to the correct Steinberg Activation Manager.