Steinberg Activation Manager knows that I am using Cubase 13 but other programs do not

I was having trouble automating a new MIDI instrument. In order to post a message about it, I logged in to my Steinberg account. I am using Cubase 13. Under “My Products” it listed that I had a license for Cubase 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing). Nothing about Cubase 13. Same for Dorico 5, which I have been using (and liking) for months.

However, the latest Download Assistant says that I have successfully downloaded and activated both Cubase 13 and Dorico 5. I will post my automation question separately, but thought that you might want to know about the discrepancy in version activations.

Did you forget that when Cubase 12 came out, the eLicenser went away and things moved to a new licensing system?

There’s an option to show you either eLicenser products, or Steinberg Activation Manager products in your account (and you selected the eLicenser one).

Thank you for answering the question. Gosh, I guess I “forgot” to change an option on the main Steinberg login page. Actually, I think that I still use eLicensers since I have products from Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio, and others. Maybe I don’t need any of them any more.

I was just trying to do a public service by pointing out that Steinberg’s main login webpage is unnecessarily confusing about the changeover. If the Steinberg Activation Manager can easily find that I have a Cubase version 13, then I don’t see why the programming behind Steinberg’s login page can’t also. In addition, the login page contains links to obsolete repair suggestions if you think that you have some problem with incomplete changeover to the new licensing regime.

There are still lots of users using releases before the switch to the new licensing, like Cubase 10, 11, etc. They all need the information about the eLicenser and how to repair it, in case of a failure. There is nothing obsolete here, as long as there are older releases out there.

Sorry, but I meant that the Steinberg login page is visited by users of both the old and the new systems. I am claiming that the login page should handle both kinds of customer. In that limited sense, the login page contains obsolete suggestions for newer users.
I do think that both you and Monotremata have resolved the issue.