Steinberg Activation Manager won’t start

I’m using Google Translate, so I’m sorry if it’s a strange sentence.

When I tried to start Cubase, I received an instruction to reactivate the license, so I started the steinberg activation manager and reactivated as instructed. After that, when I was using Cubase, I noticed that the waves company’s plug-in was not recognized.

After restarting the PC, when Cubase is started, it stops at “checking license” and cannot be started.

When I tried to check if the license was activated, the steinberg activation manager could not be started and it became “no response”.

Even after uninstalling and reinstalling cubase12pro, steinberg activation manager, and all other steinberg apps, the above two situations did not change.

I would like to know how to solve this.

I have the same problem did you get a solution?