Steinberg Activation Manager

1: Is there going to be a specific forum topic to cover the Steinberg Activation Manager or all question just going to appear under the Cubase topic? Im not very good with this Forum software so can just about browse to read posts but have no idea how any of the tagging and labelling processes work.

2: My MacUpdater program reports a new version of Steinberg Activation Manager …
Steinberg Activation Manager now
How does the Activation Manager update?
Do I have to go and find where this update is or is is automatic?
Is the reported update from MacUpdater a live version or a version being tested by beta testers?

Any info appreciated


Hi David,

There is no specific forum topic for the Steinberg Activation Manager.
You can either download the latest version here or by launching the Steinberg Download Assistant. It automatically keeps all supporting apps up to date.

Thanks for clarifying and the link.