Steinberg announces VST 2 coming to an end of 2018


I wanted to ask what this means for the Steinberg Product Line of VSTs. Will the next generation of Steinberg Plugins only be delivered in VST 3 ?

This would mean, the coming actual Product Line of Steinberg VSTs will not work on Hosts that do not support VST 3, right ?

And it is planned in exchange to make the location of the plugins configurable ? I hate it already, that VST 3 plugins cannot be placed where I want them to be. Thats (for me) the biggest but also the only disadvantage of VST 3.

For the benefit of others and for reference, here is the announcement: VST 2 coming to an end

That would be the logical consequence, seeing as the SDK will no longer be supported.

That is what I understand from the announcement, yes, for future Steinberg VSTs.

I would not be so worried about where the plugin files are located, VST3 hosts should allow a flexible arrangement so everyone can customize how the plugins appear within the host’s GUI.

I like to organize the Location of my plugins myself. First Thing is so less as possible on the Windows c: drive. In VST2 most applications allow their plugins deploy customized. So here f.i. my organization Looks like:


In this case it is easy to organize and each daw can reach this place.

It makes me worry a bit if I cannot use my further Absolute(x) Plugins in some of my other daws. I guess this will allow Native Instruments get ground there where (Kontakt vs Halion f.i.) Steinberg will loose it. I do not care too much about as I own both. But it will have more Impact then the decision only to Support 64 Bit.


Please, let’s not turn this a Chicken Little story. :wink: As the article says,

VST 2 compatibility with Steinberg VST hosts will remain…

Please - I try not to be polemic. The compare with the chicken story (found this article very interesting nevertheless) is a bit exaggerated. I am not talking about the end of the world - but about the begin of the the Hosts-without-VST3-support-will-not-be-able-to-run-future-steinberg-plugins era :mrgreen:

I was not talking about Steinberg VST Hosts. I was talking about all other Hosts without VST3 Support (f.i. Ableton).