Steinberg, any timeline on high DPI support?

We don’t typically get any information about new features before there’s an announcement, but would it possible to get at least a “is being worked on” or “not a priority at the moment” level statement about whether we will get high DPI support in Cubase in the near future?

I know some people don’t regard retina support as an important feature, but to me the difference in eye strain is huge between regular and high DPI. That difference multiplied by thousands of hours a year makes it a pretty big deal.

And the 5k iMac is looking awfully interesting…

I wonder about this as well. I just got a 5k iMac and Logic look so much better than Cubase on it!

I think high DPI will be the standard in a not to distant future.

How are you getting on with the 5K? can you post a screenshot? Does cubase run at the full rez? Thanks!