Steinberg / Arturia V-Collection

Hi folks,

Is anyone planning to purchase the ‘Steinberg / Arturia V-Collection’ in the 55% sale ??

Or has any experience with using it ?? Thoughts, general opinions, etc…

Looks very good and I have always dreamed of owning a ‘Jupiter 8’ but settled for a ‘Juno 6’ a couple of months ago. (Though I do have a MiniMoog Model D !! :wink: )



I have heard some of the Arturia synths, a friend of mine has them and is very happy with them.
What little I played with them I found them not particularly inspiring or special sounding. I realise these are supposed to sound as authentic as possible and most of these synths I have never heard for real so I can’t say how accurate they are. I’ll not be buying these, I find that what I already have in soft and hardware covers my needs just fine.

Arturia actually gave away a free simplified version of their minimoog emulation on facebook. I got that and played with it for a while and never touched it since. :confused:

Thanks Strophoid,

I am not sure if there is an audio/video demonstration of this package ??

It seems good for the 55% discount price. At least I have one month to think about it anyway before the offer closes. I am thinking of buying HALion 5 at some point so I would be able to make samples of my own Moog and Juno 6.



TAL has got Juno covered here, but Jupiter…

actually this set is looking very good, while I was trying to stop adding instruments I don’t have the time to use while still getting thru HALion.

But this is heck of a collection. Would love a Wurli.

What does TAL mean please ??

Togu Audio Line makes excellent analogue emulations.

Check out their TAL UNO series, it will make you smile ear to ear.

Just sounds SO good incorporated into tunes, just gels.

Thanks MP,

I had a look at the website (and saw the Juno 60 !!).

Do you know if there are any audio demonstrations please ??

And these are all FREE ??



If you search the thread on GearSlutz you might find folks trying to A/B the emu vs the original. I think the dev also had some demo sounds, but really there is no need, it is there and it is good.

Some of them are free, the basic older versions are free, the actual emulations are priced very favorably.

One thing about the full version Juno is that the controls are so smooth for a VST GUI, it really allows you to get tight tweaking and the interpolation while using a knob or slider is exceptional.

Cheers mate.

What does GUI mean please ?? Is it u User Interface[/u] ??

Are you going to purchase the ‘Arturia V-Collection’ ??


Graphical User Interface :wink:

Thanks man.

You’re welcome :smiley:

Cheers Armadillo,

I am still have issues with the installation of some of the software I purchased in the ‘Valentines Sale’ and have written to Steinberg to see if they can help. Its been driving me mad to be honest !! I really need them to take remote-access of my PC’s to see whats going on.

But once I get the problems sorted I will have a good think about the ‘Arturia V-Collection’. As I say, I won a Roland Juno 6 on eBay for only 400GBP recently and I have booked it in for a £100 service with an electrician I use. The CHORUS is noisy on it (common fault) and so this and a couple of other things are to be tweaked. Should come back sounding amazing when finished !! :smiley:


The problem is I only want the Jupiter, but I look at the bundle price and I’m left in the middle!

Another thing is that I’m not even that sure Jupiter 8V is containing the exact Roland sounds I’ve been looking for.
I want those hybrid-y brassy string sounds that seem to be a supersaw blended with real horns. Since these are all “synths” I’m not sure I can get that (and other) hybrid sounds. I know those sounds (supernatural?) are part of certain memory disks that can be connected via USB, I’m not sure their actual origin.

Hi again,

Here is a BRILLIANT video on this vst lasting 25 x mins by Rupert Brown and the DSP Project :-

I am still considering purchasing it (Rupert demonstrates some amazing FX and SEQUENCER features exclusive to the vst version). But could anyone confirm please if this is exactly what comes along in the Arturia V-Collection (because the DSP video talks about it being for sale as a SINGLE item) ??



Very thorough video! Definitely getting a good 80s vibe from that.

As far as I can go in the site, the entire collection is still @ $399.00, while the individual is at $129 (USD).

Hi MP,

You mean its $399 on the Arturia website but still @ a 55% discount in the Steinberg-Arturia sale (on the Steinberg site) ??



oh! OK I just looked at the Arturia site, and found out that the singles are $99 for download/$129 box

I think $399 must have the discount included. There are 10 (!) synths (maybe too much choices for myself!) so around 55% I guess you end up around that final price $399…

I probably do not want 10 synths from the same company because I am afraid that may have a “family sound”. Or the effects will be shared between the synths, something like that.

I like the 8V, the Wurli, possibly Prophet.

I should add that Trilian Bass Synthesizer has sampled excellent bass from many of these synths, I really like using that already, they are not modeled… I actually enjoy using the Trilian Juno samples alongside the TAL UNO emulation, just makes me feel warm inside. But again, in that case they are not the same, it is not family sound, and I prefer that to a degree.

Thanks MP,

Yes, $399 is the DISCOUNT price (which is very good !!).

I had not considered your point regarding a library having a ‘family’ sound. Though to be honest I am not too fussy or worried about that (esp. @ $399 !!).

I am thinking of upgrading to HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5 but am not sure if it would be worthwhile purchasing the Arturia Collection as well ?? Last month I installed the ‘trial’ versions of the two HALion programs, but unfortunately, due to some technical problems I have not been able to test them out or even use my Cubase (until today after Technical Support took remote-access of my PC and address many of the issues).

Been a very bad month for me Cubase-wise !! :cry:

H5 is very deep.

It has synthesis capability in it’s rawest, but it doesn’t replace the well thought out, tried and trusted schematics of those famous synths. They are about workflow and certain combination of component that produce those sounds, and how you are inspired by the layout. HW or SW.

H5 is more modular system, requires more of having an initial ideal sound and going thru the building blocks of the program to produce it. Of course it has capable synth presets, I mean it can do anything you need, but I can’t compare it on the workflow angle. You can of course call up from 1000s of synth/sample sounds, maybe 10s of 1000s!

If you have built a collection of synth sample folders, H5 is good for collecting and cataloguing, making splits, creating complex dynamic patches, with round robin and velocity. Its a full fledged music scripter.

I admit that because I have H5, I’m not too quick to buy new synths, I feel the need to learn it first, and H5 opens up new territory for all the years of unused samples on my HD, it’s like a library of so much material, it’s maddening! If you get H5 be ready for it to consume ya! :smiley: