Steinberg + Arturia

Hi. Just recive mail about promo. I have 3 Arturia synths already and using them ocasionally. So if Steiberg not going to add another VSTi’s to Cubase but cooperate on sales, is that mean they will add more workflow improvments to Cubase 8 then new stuff ? What do you think ?

Could be interesting, but what rather like a joint venture with a company like waves, softube etc. etc. because I really think better quality plugins are needed in C7(.5) or even C8.


I feel it is a good thing for Steinberg to partner with other 3rd party VST developers, and Arturia has some great products.

The Arturia V-Collection v.3.0 at $179. is fantastic value for the money. I am thinking of buying. I also feel that Steinberg will continue developing their own VST instruments, while at the same time they could partner with other companies to offer great deals, or even collaborate in the development of new and exciting products.

Q. How is the Arturia V-Collection v3.0 authorized ? can I install, and use it on multiple computers ? (If Yes), how many licenses do they offer ?

Anyone else here thinking of buying the Arturia V-Collection, given the special price ?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


V-Collection for $179?

I wish I could get that deal. I would for sure buy it.

Is that something offered to Cubase users?

The special offer is available until mid of March for all registered Cubase owners.
I took a short look to their webpage, I am wondering how valuable the soft synths really are, w/o wanting to say that they are not good at all.
It’s just that such CS, ARP, Drum VAs synth can be found on the one hand already in Cubase (or unfortunately only in older versions), or as cheap or freeware.
The sound demos on the webpage are not so impressing.
What I like to know is how resource consuming the plugs are.
Wasn’t it Korg who had a nice sounding Prophet in their portfolio?

Anyway, 10 plugs for 179 EURO ( 17,90 per single), can be a nice offer, othwise you may find fewer but better ones if bought per single purchase…

Good question is how good or not good will they be included in Cubase and their licence model?

Still thinking :question:

Wow, this is great, but there must be some additional criteria involved. I bought Cubase 7.5 full along with Halion 5 a little under two weeks and registered everything already of course. No email or mention of the Artura promo at all. Interesting.

Thanks for the heads up.


I’ve got the Analog lab which is the v-collection in little format with lesser control/edit options.
My impressions of this is not impressive, though very usable but not as sweet sounding as other well known softsynths.

Yes, thanks for the heads up. I didn’t see anything about the special offer on Arturia’s website- is there a way for those of us who didn’t receive the email to take advantage of it?

I received the offer email with coupon code. The offer states that to qualify, you must own Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Essential 5, Cubase LE / AI 5 or higher and Cubase Artist 6, Cubase Elements 6 or higher.

Problem is, I use Nuendo. Does anybody know… do they check for proof of ownership (e.g., ask for a Cubase serial number before purchase, have a special version that somehow works only on the Cubase host, or what)?

Seems odd (but not impossible) that I would receive the offer and be unable to redeem the coupon.


I have the Arturia V Collection. It’s a fun collection.

If you’re looking for music that goes somewhere, this doesn’t. It’s a joy ride in space or somewhere in a flying car, plain and simple. Best enjoyed under the influence. :sunglasses:

Featuring the Oberheim, Jupiter 8, and CS-80 VSTs mixed with Absynth (jet engine roar), Massive (bass). Hell and there’s just some weird sh** on this track. :wink:

I used it on this track:

I have one of those licenses- can you forward me the email? Ha ha

I never got that email either :confused:

Actually I did :smiley:
Just found it in my spam folder :blush:

I’m afraid that’s what may have happened to one sent to me as well.

I wonder if there’s another way to get access to the deal?

I think this is one of those Ssshh! keep it quiet deals. Steinberg doesn’t seem to be interested in discussing this much as info is hard to find outside the original ad and this thread. I never got the email although it could have gone to the Spam folder. After reading reviews, I actually haven’t found much rave about these Arturia products anyway. I think they did well a while back when they were first released, but nowadays other software synths have seemed to taken over such as U-He Diva which is written about all over the place. I ended up just sending an email to Steinberg support to ask about the details of the promotion and whether I qualified. Done deal.

To answer my own question, Arturia sales said if I got the email with the coupon code, they would be happy to take my order even though I run Nuendo.

FWIW when you are situated in Europe everyone can buy the boxed version at Thomann for the same price as the deal.

Thanks for sharing the VSTi demo in action !!

Did you find out the answer yet dude ??

So really, it’s NOT a sale (the 55% discount) if you like in Europe !! Is that correct ??

AFAIK Thomann was the only shop that had it for €177,- too.
I see it’s sold out now at Thomann, so you could say NOW the Steinberg + Arturia deal is an exclusive deal :wink: