Steinberg + Arturia

AFAIK Thomann was the only shop that had it for €177,- too.
I see it’s sold out now at Thomann, so you could say NOW the Steinberg + Arturia deal is an exclusive deal :wink:

Ta Niles,

Ha ha.


No longer have the link, but I recall it said these registered on your eLicenser dongle just like Cubase itself. So you can use it anywhere as long as you have the dongle inserted.

Thanks very much indeed Strophoid.

Does anyone know if you can pay for items on the Steinberg site using PayPal (rather than a credit-card please ?? Ta.

Choose from these international payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal, pre-payment, invoice**.

Regionally available: Click&Buy, Giropay, Solocard, Dankort, iDEAL, Carta-Si, Carte Bleue, bank debit**, and more.

From here.

Thank you Strophoid,

Last night I got half way thru the checkout process but did not want to proceed any further until I was sure that the site accepted PayPal as a method of payment. I have £50 funds in my PayPal account and I want to use that rather than spending on my credit card.

I followed your link thanks and I noticed that it says PRIOR APPROVAL NEEDED. Does this mean Steinberg/Asknet need to validate my PayPal account first ??



Is the Arturia package a DOWNLOAD or BOXED version does anyone know please ?? It says (regarding the DELIVERY of the item in the final sentence) :-

Purchase Online

You can purchase our products right here online. Our online purchasing procedure uses a secured transaction system guaranteeing the confidentiality of your credit card number. On top of that, you can choose your preferred shipping method: economy, priority mail, or express delivery. With the express delivery (ensured by TNT), you will receive your delivery within a maximum of 5 business days.



Only 1 x day left now… :astonished:

For someone looking to have a collection of classic synths this deal is great but…

How about Native Instruments? They’re the future of sound. Their products are simply amazing. Personally I love new synths and sounds. NI is doing great for such a young company with humble beginnings.

Thanks AP,

Appreciate your reply.

I already had a discussion on Kontact vs. dedicated individual libraries and I decided not to go down the Native route (for a few reasons). Though I do agree that the quality of their sample are most excellent. Its just too vast for what I need and I am happy to build up my library slowly with more of a ‘buy as you go’ attitude.



I received the discount code from Steinberg for the V-Collection from Arturia at $179 after the discount. I ordered it, paid via PayPal and according to my PayPal account Arturia has been paid and I’ve been charged for $179.00 US. At checkout you are told you will receive an email with instructions how to download and activate the V-Collection. That was 5 days ago now and I have still not received any info from Arturia. I’ve sent both a Tech Support request and a Sales Support request to Arturia - nothing. I also sent a tech support request Steinberg informing them of the situation. They at least replied but indicated they had no “back door” access to Arturia. They did offer to keep the support request open if I did not hear from Arturia in a few days. Since I have both a My Steinberg and an Arturia account (I have some of their other software and hardware) I must mention that anytime I’ve had any kind of issue with a Steinberg product I’ve always received great support. Artuia on the other hand, while they have responded in the past are extremely slow. I’m just curious if anyone else has had this much of a delay in getting products directly downloaded from Arturia? The only reason I ordered the V-Collection was to get 64 bit support for their (Arturia’s) products.

Hi Ultimeter,

I posted a reply on the Arturia Forum thread regarding this issue :-

I received my ‘download link email’ today (2 x days after my purchase). I paid with credit-card and had the same issue as people using PayPal (so you can know for sure it is not a PayPal error).

Also, my other Steinberg thread discusses this matter as well (last posting) :-

I hope you can manage to get this resolved soon.



I think that Arturia is taking care of all the orders but need some time to do so. We at Steinberg can’t do anything as we only provided a code for the Arturia shop. We don’t have any access to the data you submitted during the order process. Sorry for this inconvenience!

Thanks Ed,

I received a reply from Arturia this morning and they totally misunderstood my question !! Anyway, I have since emailed them a screenshot of the ‘registration’ page error and so now I am awaiting a reply. Also, one of the Steinberg team very kindly spent some time advising me on the situation this afternoon for which I am grateful. He also was not able to rectify the issue.

There is no need for any member of the Steinberg team to apologise because it is not in any way their fault.

However, I will definitely be thinking twice about purchasing from Arturia again !!



To be fair to Arturia initially i had the same issue but i have the feeling my popup blocker may have caused an issue with the download links… i’m sure i remember a popup being blocked at the time… could be wrong though lol…

I waited about five minutes, got a conformation email but no download link… mailed Arturia, got a reply from Jerome within ten minutes and all was sorted a few minutes after… very pleased with the collection and customer support was spot on in my case…
sorry to hear others have had problems getting things resolved!

The Steinberg/Arturia promotion was quite successful and combined with some technical issues on their end this all added up to the issues some of you now experience. I think with some patience, you will all receive the software you paid for :slight_smile:

I was given the wrong UNLOCK CODE by Arturia. So obviously it would have never worked !!

They have apologised and re-sent me the correct code today. I was then able to register my software without any problems whatsoever.

Hi again,

I have now successfully installed and registered Arturia V-Collection.

For anyone who already is familiar with the software (please), question :-

Two ‘CS-80 V2’ vsti’s are appearing in my (F11) Instrument Selection within Cubase.

‘CS-80 V2’ and ‘CS-80 V2 10 VOICES’.

Is this correct please because they both seem to be exactly the SAME !! ??

Thanks a lot guys…