Steinberg assistant install/uninstall problem

the problem seems to be with the Steinberg Install Assistant that at first had this issue:

Steinberg Download Assistant: error occurs when clicking on “Install” button – Steinberg Support.
Then I tried to uninstall the application but then the new problems start to appear.

I tried to find this file and put it there manually, but I couldn’t find this file on Steinberg web or anywhere else on internet.

After that I tried to uninstall the application with the software for it, now when I try to execute this file: steinberginstallassistant_1.1.2_Installer_win it just closes immediately and that is it.
I tried a dozen more times but always with the same result.

So now I am stuck with no possibility to install any new Steinberg software.

Is there a solution for this problem?


This is generally caused by clean-up utilities and broken Windows Registry keys. Did you run a clean-up app such as CCleaner recently? That might have been it.

Try to use a dedicated uninstaller program such as Advanced Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller. Use them to uninstall the Steinberg Install Assistant, and enable the options to remove leftover Registry keys.

Thank you for your prompt answer. CCleaner I did not use at all, but the software I mention above was Advanced Uninstaller. After I did exactly as you describe, now I can’t start the install process because installer shuts down immediately.

This part is caused by Registry issues. If possible, try undoing the uninstallation or reverting to a previous Windows Restore Point/backup.

I’ve personally not used Advanced Uninstaller, but when I had this issue a while ago, the trial version of Revo Uninstaller Pro worked for me.

Thank you again for the help, I tried to do it, but it seems I don’t have any restore points unfortunately.
What is left for me to do then?

You can try to risk it and uninstalling all Steinberg applications by using the same process (cleaning up the leftover Registry keys). Try uninstalling them one by one until the installer works. If that doesn’t work, a clean Windows reinstall might be necessary.

Note that you should still be able to install Steinberg applications by using 7zip or WinRAR to unzip the fancy installer, and then install them by using the .msi files instead.