Steinberg at Musicmesse 2013


Just wondering if Steinberg will delight us with new software and/or updates to their current product line during the upcoming Musicmesse 2013 show (April 10-13) ?

Updates for : Cubase 7, Halion 4, Padshop Pro , Wavelab 7

New Products : Halion Symphonic Orch 2 , New Sample Libraries for Halion 4, Groove Agent 4, or anything else that’s new and exciting… ?

New HW Control Surface for Cubase 7 ?


Aloha M,

IMHO no.
But never say never.

Hopefully … Yes :smiley:

Looks like Wavelab 8 might be showing up soon !

Maybe at Musicmesse 2013 :slight_smile:


no doubt it will be full of crappy touch screen apps . we really do need a mid priced hardware controller ,now that would be wicked !!!

+1000 for a new mid-priced HW controller. It’s been long overdue.

Wavelab 8 has been announced !

what about “remote” for the android ?

Cubase iC Pro is currently scheduled for Q3 this year.

That’s a first, Steinberg announcing new stuff with a date :slight_smile:

Well, I think we’ve announced it before with a different date :mrgreen:

Really? I must’ve missed that, can’t find it in the Cubase IC forum anyway.

wow thanks ed , best I had better start saving my extremely hard earned pennies and buy the best tablet money can buy .
Much appreciated for the info