Steinberg Atari mini MIDEX? Anyone tell me what its called??

Steinbeg Atari mini MIDEX? Can anyone tell me what its called?

It needs power and I don’t know the voltage (plus is center pin as far as I can see)

Driver for Cubase ST??

See image

Hope someone can help, will be so thank full

I have been told it’s called Steinberg PCI3 MIDI interface or MIDI-3

Do anyone have driver file for ST cubase and information on spec’s for the PSU?

I got zero response in the forum. But I have manged to collect all needed info and it’s running fine now:

The Mros driver is STMI3_5.DR. The MIDI 3 needs 7.5 volt dc (300ma is plenty) (original psu is 9v 150 ma) with positive in center pin. There’s a row of dip swiches inside and moving all to the other side will make the MIDI 3 fit a PC (not tested). I needed to move mine to get the ST to see the MIDI 3, so it must have sat on PC mode.

On Mega’s you need a printer cable since the power plug does it impossible to mount the MIDI 3 directly on the computer. I have a mega.

In Cubase lite you can’t use it. In Cubase 2.0 You can use all 3 outs but not the input. In Cubase 3 all 3 outs and the one input can all be used.

Remember to add an ‘V’ to the driver file (STMI3_5.DRV) to make it active and place it in the mros folder and possible update Mros to newest version.

Always nice to see such old hardware still working fine :slight_smile:
I’m afraid you’re one of a few people worldwide still using that thing (and an ATARI), which explains the silence here.

I think there are more than just a few who uses the Atari ST for Cubase.
If you go to the Atari ST forum elsewere on the web, there are more response on the subject.