Steinberg Audio interface UR-24C (Freezing/drop out) problem

Hi every one ,
I would appreciate any advise about a problem that I have when using my steinberg Audio interface UR-24C
when playing any Audio or video using all kind of apps even DAW the UR-24C sometimes drops out for a second or two then continue playing it happens intermittently like no constant intervals!!
like it happens after first 10 seconds then after 30 seconds it drop out and next could be after 1 or two minutes .
I just bought the UR-24C new and install on PC win 8.1 pro then I thought my windows is Old,
I upgrade to Win10 with installing latest driver + Tools for URC but still units drops out ( freezes or drops out for a second or tow) problem still happening !
Please can any one help me with this Topic I started to think maybe the Audio interface UR-24C device is Faulty please let me know what you think.
My PC spec are:
processor Pentium i7- 3.4Ghz ram is 16Ghz Graphic Card GTX1050. with 2Ghz ram
Audio interface steinberg UR-24C
Behringer 6 Chanel Audio mixer

Which generation? Older Intel chip-sets had problems with USB audio devices… make sure your chip-set and USB drivers are up to date… maybe you need a new BIOS as well

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Hi st10ss,
I think my pc processor is second generation because I have purchase it 5years ago .
Thank you for your advise mate I will download the latest USB and chipset drivers and try again hopefully this is will will work out :grinning::metal::+1: