Steinberg Built In Asio Driver - NO SOUND

Here again! I have spent hours trying to get sound for my projects.

I have Cubase Pro 12 and set up was fine until I updated my Wavelab Cast to version 2 which uses the Steinberg Built In Asio Driver. Now I cannot get any sound on my Cubase 12 projects. I have Audio Outputs showing “Not Connected” but when I try to insert into the Audio Device section nothing happens so obviously I cannot select a device port. Unfortunately there is no option to select my FocusriteLow Latency. Similarly, if I try to input via the Control Room I have the same problem.
I can see the signal is going through via the meters for Ref, Phones, Main in the Cotrol Room and individual faders on the mixer but alas NO SOUND!!!

I can, however, record!! It let me select the driver for that.



Are you on Windows or Mac?

What Audio Device do you use?

If you use Focusrite, try to reinstall its driver. If you are on Windows, install the driver as administrator, please.

Thanks Martin. For whatever reason it came back again and I wss able to select my Focusrite in the Studio Setup again. Thanks for your time and patience!