Steinberg built-in Asio Driver

I am interested in recent comments about the Steinberg built-in ASIO driver.
I use a Windows 11 PC and get my sound via a Bluetooth connection to a small powered ‘Edifier MP233’ speaker. This appears, in device setup, as headphones, (probably because of the Bluetooth connection).
If I use the Steinberg ASIO driver I have no sound but if I switch to the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver I get sound without any trouble.
Is there an explanation for this?

What if you open the control panel of the Steinberg Built-in ASIO driver? Does nothing turn up in the list of outputs?

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I can just add that the SBAD v1.0.0.16 is simply wonderful here while the Generic one has some issues. I presume your silence depends on the settings (check your Edit>Device Setup>Device Control Panel, Output and Frequency), but in any case @Ulf will certainly help you.

OH! Sorry I was appending together with Ulf!

Hi @Alberto_Maria, and even that wonderful SBAD is already outdated. You better update it to
And @joecurtis3108 of course as well, please update. (973.8 KB)

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Thank you @Ulf!
I wonder why neither the last version of Dorico, nor SDA didn’t update my SBAD! (And I re-installed everything!). I wonder where I can find it (apart here above…).
Double thanks again!

We forgot to update the Dorico installer. And the driver is not part of our common environment, yet, but it will become, just don’t know when.

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Your beer is in the fridge Ulf!

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The EDIFIER appears in the output of the control panel as output and input for the Steinberg ASIO

but only as an output for the generic ASIO

Two things, first please update the driver to version .
I’ve attached the installer to an earlier posting here.

Second, what id you untick the ceckbox in front of “Headset” in the input ports list?
The audio engine might be confused about the different sample rates of in- and outputs.

Thanks Ulf, unticking the input checkbox on the Steinberg ASIO driver solved the issue.
I didn’t get the updated driver installer though. Where should I be looking?

In Ulf’s earlier reply in this thread, i.e. here: