Steinberg Cares

This is a sordid tale, so I advise you to move on if you have a weak stomach. Last February, I decided to upgrade HALion to version 6 from 5. The price was $99 USD. I clicked “buy” and watched in disbelief as my total translated to $150 CDN. I complained to support and was told that Canadian dollars were now relative to Euros instead of US dollars. The price would have been $125 CDN otherwise. Despite my sadness, Steinberg, because of their arrangement with Asknet, said there was nothing they could do. I bought the upgrade as a Canadian. Three days later, HALion went on sale for 50% off.
I started convulsing with anger over this betrayal and was appeased by Panagiotis at Steinberg with a 15% off voucher.

On Saturday, I went to the online shop to get my Cubase 10 upgrade using my voucher and was informed that my voucher was invalid.
This kerfuffle reminded me of the runaround from the previous February and I sent Panagiotis an email asking for a working voucher code and to air my continuing concerns about the Canadian price switcheroo.

I haven’t received a working code yet but today, we as Canadians, only see the Canadian price. We are no longer tantalized by the US price only to be kicked in the stomach when the price inflates to the Euro conversion rate. This scenario is akin to putting lipstick on a pig but at least now, it’s our pig.
To all my fellow Canadian customers…you’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cubase’s “explanation” of this is total BS.They can’t talk to this big unconfrontable company called Asknet and get the price to be fair to Canadians. They must think Canadian’s are really gullible. As a long time Cubase user I’m appalled at their business practices.

I’m moving to Logic for my next upgrade. Luckily I’m on Apple.