steinberg cc121 dead

Hi, my cc121 has worked flawlessly for a couple months but when I turned my imac and the last time there was no light in and no response. in Cubase 5, you can not see it in settings more. It is as if it does not get power from USB, but have tried on other computer with the same result. any idea what might be wrong with it and is there a function where you can reset it?
Regards Niels

I never think that you don’t forget to turn on the power switch on a rear…

Yes the power was on :slight_smile:

There is as good a chance as any Niels that your USB cable may be wonky, swith it over and see if that helps.

Hello Nielsdaugaard,

Please try what Discoworx wrote.

When the CC121 should be still not working, then please send an RMA. More details can be found here