Steinberg CC121 -> Steinberg CI2 Midi Remote Mapping -Rich T

Steinberg_CC121.midiremote (11.0 KB)

Note: I have tried to make this work as much like the real CC121 as I possibly could. There are some exceptions listed below. I cannot get a dial to serve two functions based on a button press combination so there are different mapping pages that can be accessed via the controller which serve the same purpose.

Okay so here is my attempt at a midi remote mapping for the CC121 to work with CI2 native until we get the real drivers

The EQ Type button takes you to a second mapping page where the ‘G’ gain dials will change the EQ Type and pressing the ‘EQ Type’ button again will go back to the default page where the eq controls are normal again.

The ‘Lock’ button I could find any function for in remote mapping so it has been changed to cycle through via the Next Mapping page. Send 1 and Send 2 mapping pages can be accessed from the lock button. The EQ Type button returns to the default page from those two send pages.

On the send 1 page you have control of quick controls 1 to 8 and sends 1 to 4 and on Send 2 page you have quick controls 1 to 8 again and sends 4 to 8. Rows with dials Q and F are quick control and G is the sends. The ON buttons turn on and off the sends on the send pages.

The 'Jog" button I could find no use within remote mapping so I made that toggle between the play head returning to it’s start position or stopping where it is when you press stop.

Play also toggle to stop if pressed again.

The value dial on the top right is metronome volume and pressing it turns it on or off.

Function key 1 is now zooms in, key 2 is zooms out, key 3 is zooms vert in. key 4 is zooms vert out.

I use this to create a project today and it worked almost exactly like the CC121 so it’s quite usable.

The button lights are completely random so you will have to ignore the lights unfortunately.