Steinberg certification?

Hello everyone.
I recently finished a course (started in September 2022) that taught me so much especially about Cubase, but the lecturer in question did not give me the Steinberg certification, in fact, he asked everyone who wanted it, only he did not explain himself well and gave the deadline as June 28, 2023.
What does this mean? That I was busy until the end of June and I thought that precisely the exam was supposed to be taken on the 28th of June, but no, I was supposed to take it today and I didn’t know anything about the conduct of the exam, so only 4 person will take this exam.
But is this thing legal? I paid a lot of money for this and I don’t even get certified because he says “If someone doesn’t know something they can take away my Steinberg certified center”, I really can’t believe it.
Please tell me this is not the case I will sue this stupid, it is not possible.

I don’t mean to be impolite, but your post reveals no information about who provided the class,. and what specific certification you expected to receive.

Maybe this is helpful: Here is what the Steinberg website says about certification:

I should have received Steinberg’s attestation for Cubase and for completing the course with inSound Studio Project, the problem is that he didn’t give it to everyone and claimed that we had to ask him for it.

Sounds like a really bad experience. It seems though, that it’s the school you need to take that up with. This forum is the Steinberg user community forum.

There is an email on the Steinberg certified training website, perhaps they can further inform you, or at least you can tell them about the problem with this Steinberg certified school.

Here’s the email: