Steinberg CI1 compatible with sennheiser headphone 150 ohm?


I am willing to buy a new set of headphones ( Sennheiser Game Zero )
but the problem is will it work properly with my Steinberg CI1 USB interface ?

why i ask this? because the headphones needs 100 to 150 ohms to work correctly.
and i searched for some technical specs from my interface and what i can find is the output is 40 ohms
dont know if this is true?

cause i red on another forum about the Line6 ux2 USB interface, with allmost same question i have.
and 1 of the line6 owners answerd: it will work correctly cause its made to work with headphones in a range of 100 to 600 ohms so if the headphone required ohms are in between it will work just fine. ( something like this )
BUT… in the technical specs the line6 ux2 interface only provides 75ohms

i am kinda confused right now.

so… back to my question.

will the sennheiser game zero 150ohm maximum
work with my steinberg CI1 USB interface properly ?


Any update on this? Is it working well?
I’m kinda in the same situation with CI2.