Steinberg CMC-FD + Bome Translator = generic MIDI-controller

This post may be of interest primarily to the owners of the Steinberg CMC-FD controller, as well as to everyone who is interested in writing their own scripts in Bome MIDI Translator Pro. Yeah, this post is a little bit outdated — these wonderful controllers are no longer in production. But until I lost almost all my job as composer /arranger during this c’ovid time, I couldn’t find time for the final debugging of the scripts, for writing a manual, for translating it into English.

Briefly: with the help of Bome MIDI Translator Pro, the CMC-FD has been turned into a generic MIDI-controller. It now works with any DAW. It can send a couple of dozens of different Control Change messages, it can send PitchBend messages with extended functionality, it can emulate computer keyboard key strokes and the mouse wheel. After preliminary setup, the Bome MIDI Translator Pro runs in the background, almost all functionality can be reached from the controller itself.
Initially I wrote two different scripts with different functionality and used to run them on my two CMC-FD controllers. But later I found a way to combine both scripts into one, and now this script can work on two controllers as well as on a single one.

There are three files in the archive:
— CMC-FD x2.bmtp (Bome Translator project)
— CMC-FD x2 Manual (English).pdf
— CMC-FD x2 Manual (Russian).pdf