Steinberg CMC support or other Transport controls

Hello, I think I asked this but it was a long time ago (probably whilst still in development). I have a couple of Steinberg’s CMC’s and I’ve managed to configured them to a reasonable extent in Dorico, at least the basic’s rewind, forward, stop, play, etc. But I also have a Komplete Kontrol S88 which is my main tool for interacting with software and it has several DAW controlers for Play, record, etc which work wonderfully on Cubase. So I suppose in a nutshell I have two questions:

  • Will the CMC be natively supported at some point? or

  • Will Dorico support the Komplete Kontrol DAW Transport control or is this something on Native Intruments’ side?

Much obliged!

Support for external control surfaces is certainly something we expect to add in future, but it’s not imminent.

Thank you Daniel! Actually, to my surprise, Dorico can’t run the CMCs and the MIDI keyboard at the same time…? It’s not able to differentiate between the two, so after I finished programming all the buttons I found that my MIDI keyboard had multiple notes muted that now acted as play, rewind, etc. Perhaps there’s a workaround…?

Hoe all is well!

We don’t yet have a means of saying to Dorico “this device is for note input, but this one is just for commands”, but that’s something we hope to address in a future version.

OK thank you!