Steinberg Collaboration Apps Differences

Although I’ve never used the online collaboration features in Cubase Pro I have been aware that I’ve had that functionality available should I need it. So some years now after it first appeared I’m looking to start using it but am totally confused as there are four related products: VST Connect, VST Transit, VST Transit Join and VST Transit Go. I have Cubase Pro 9.5 and am quite puzzled as to what I can and should use for online collaboration?

VST Connect is for realtime recording. It only works with Cubase or Nuendo which provide the plugins, and a free to download application „VST Connect Performer“ for the artist.
VST Transit allows collaboration on projects. VST Transit is a plugin for Cubase or Nuendo for Mac and PC. VST Transit Go is a mobile version running on an iPad, and finally VST Transit Join is a VST plugin that can be used with other DAWs that support VST plugins.

Thank you :slight_smile: