Steinberg controller keyboard

it’s time Steinberg with the know how of Yamaha released a killer controller keyboard.
Now the Advance and S61 have shown what they are all about Steinberg need to do something.
I am close to giving up with Steinberg as they have not managed or tried very much to resolve my Cubase 8 issues.
I now find that these new controllers do not work with VST3 instruments of which I have just about all of.
I have loved Steinberg stuff for years and have spent a lot of money not only on software but on their hardware.
I would love to see them being out a keyboard with a display panel like the S61 across 8 rotary knobs and also a colour screen similar to the Akai or the option to use your iPad as a screen
Forget drum pads and stick to standard pitch and mod controls.
Make it compatible with all of the other Plugin formats. Finally add a dedicated section for effects

Another idea is to add another CMC controller to the range with software that does the same as the Akai and N.I
This would keep me going with Steinberg as even know I have a SL61 MK2 and the CMC controllers and can not easily change patches on Steinberg stuff

Any thoughts