Steinberg Cubase AI 11 doesn't load original sample libraries


I have a problem with loading original samples from Steinberg Library Manager in my Cubase (version AI 11).

When I open the Library Manager as a standalone application, the app shows that all of my plug-ins (e.g. Analog Techno, Blockbuster, etc.) are properly installed and registered, BUT (for some strange reason) these libraries DON’T APPEAR at all in the standard Cubase program.

I have tried to enter the correct VST plug-in path folder and rescanning the plug-ins, also closing and opening the app to see will it scan the missing libraries, but unfortunately to no avail.

Could you please assist in solving this issue?

Thanks in advance and best regards


These are not plug-ins, you can’t find these as VST or VSTi. These are (sound) libraries for the included plug-ins, like Groove Agent SE, for example.