Steinberg decided to not change GUI.

Are you going to give us back the old mixer layout for Control Room at least as an option or what is your plan?

It means > we are staying with what we have and we are proud and motivated about it.

First of all, this is EXACTLY what I suspected Timo and Steinberg was up to. They don’t answer because the decision has already been made. No need to reevaluate, but rather than own up to it and be honest about it we, the PAYING customers have to keep posting and posting to get a reply, a reply which is then not the entire truth.

And again, what the heck was > the thought behind the redesign to begin with> ?

Feedback gather from other customers > > which actually liked it, when there is a change there is always somebody that is not going to like it… it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

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Really? Which users gave feedback that made you think up this redesign? Last poll I saw 92% were dissatisfied with the clicking in the new environment in general. For the Control Room specifically I have only seen positive comments about the functionality of it, NOT about the GUI.

This is really a CRAP move Steinberg.

And if you people still don’t comprehend the awesome stupidity of the design, just click on the video below and watch the click-fest at 12:40. Please explain to me how all that tabbing and lack of visual feedback is convenient. I really want to know. And while you’re at it, explain to me why, if this is such a great GUI, it has not been implemented on the main mixer which fulfills essentially the same technical task (taking incoming signals and route/combine them to outputs)?:

Here is the idiocy on display in a Steinberg video.

This is slightly off-topic, but I have just looked at the video and what stands out for me is the fact that the presenter refers to cue mixes for a singer, a guitarist, a bass player and a drummer - a max of 4 cue mixes. What about all the other musicians? - 4 cue mixes is clearly not enough. There should be a minimum of 8 cues mixes in a professional DAW.

I have brought this up elsewhere before but am always ignored by Steinberg. I don’t know why - regardless of what the control room GUi looks like, Steinberg have already developed code for 4 cue mixes - it can not be that difficult to ramp it up to 8 cues mixes can it?

I see what you are talking about Lydiot. There are a lot of hidden parrameters that require a click to get to. The old cue mixer had much easier access. I don’t use the cue mixer much, as I do all of my cue monitoring in hardware (Furman Hds-16) but even watching an expert, it looked cumbersome.

And I agree with with you Fenderchris that 4 cues is not nearly enough. 8 would be minimal and 16 would be great.

I don’t think I’ve read from anyone (I’m sure there are some people) who likes the new cue mixer but I’ve read from many who don’t.


And imagine what that window will look like when you stack another 4 “sections” vertically!!!

Traditional horizontal mixer layout? No problem. All line up fine horizontally like we’re all used to.
Vertical = nonsense.

I don’t want it to change. Easy enough to get around.

And 92% of 74 users on this forum want the change. Hardly 92% of users worldwide, not sure this forum directly represents the wishes of all users.

What exactly should we be expecting? Does Steinberg owe us an explanation as to why they made this GUI change? Are we trying to call them out for lying/misleading users? Do you just want it changed back (N5 style)?

Serious question - some are clearly are displeased with the new layout. I don’t think anyone would suggest differently. But for us to suggest that Steinberg is not listening to their customers is wrong - I think they’re just not interested in engaging this 'beat-a-dead-horse" topic any longer. It’s changed - I doubt they’re going to invest R+D to downgrade (in their eyes) back to the older version of the Mixer for, so far, 68 users on a forum.

But I’m just speculating.

More Cue Sends make sense. I also use my Apogee Ensemble/HearHub combo to kick out cue sends instead of relying on Nuendo to handle, so not as important to me, but I see the need as well.

Good luck in getting this worked out to your expectations, all. Personally, I’d see it as a step back, but I can work with either mixer without any complaints.


It was undisputably easier before. Tabs are worse for mousing around than no tabs. I don’t see how that’s even arguable.

No, probably not 92% worldwide. A majority though? Probably. And please let us all know just who here said this forum represents the wishes of all users? I must have missed that post, and you surely aren’t resorting to “politics”, right?

Are you asking me? Give me an option to use the old Control Room GUI. The new one sucks.

What do you mean “any longer”? Find a single post by Steinberg before this week that addressed the Control Room GUI.

Dude, look at the regular mixer. It makes total sense. The layout is conventional and easy to use and understand. That is what the previous CR more or less looked like.

They used R/D to do additional change for the CR GUI. They had already designed the regular mixer!

So tell us all how that will look when you stack another 4 send slots into the CR, vertically. Tell me with a straight face that such a GUI layout is better than that of a normal mixer.

You say “mixer”, I say “control room mixer”. That is what you’re talking about, correct?

Hi all,

I don’t think that anybody can say that I’m a new GUI lover. I’ve been complaining about the new GUI from the first time, but we have to admit that it’s here to stay. Probably, the best thing that we can do is giving ideas, collecting votes to make it better (and I do think that it has room to be improved), and so on.

I’ve been working with N6 the last months and I’ve used to it. It’s the GUI is not as fast as the previous version, you have to be jumping from keyboard to mouse all time, but it’s workable. I think that what Steinberg should do is to expend a BIG amount of time fixing bugs. N6 is one of the most buggy releases in a lot of time. Even the last 6.0.6 breaks a few important things.


Here’s an idea to make it better: Return the previous layout!

Remember back in the day when we had to admit the score was gone?


this is an incorrect information. I stated that it will be rediscussed. We are not going to change the entire layout of the mixer, right, but it doesn’t mean we won’t change some things requested. As stated in another thread, the NEXT update 6.0.7 won’t contain these changes due to time reasons. And yes, we have seen and understood the requests.

I’m now closing this thread because there it obviously doubles all information discussed/provided.