Steinberg discontinues VST Transit service as of August 31, 2023

Dear customers,

After many years of putting our heart, soul and hard work into VST Transit, alas, the day has come to announce that this technology will no longer be available.

VST Transit is a great technology that brought musicians and producers together.

However, it also required high maintenance to provide the consistently high level of service that our customers deserve, making the technology no longer economically viable in the long run.

Please note that until August 31, 2023, the VST Transit service will continue to run fully operational, after which all projects stored on the Transit servers will no longer be accessible and will be deleted.

Will we offer a comparable service in the future? It’s difficult to predict today.

We believe in the concept and will assess ways to provide a similar service to our customers again.

If you have further questions regarding the discontinuation of VST Transit, please contact Steinberg Support.

very bad news. I desperately need a project collaboration service.


What disappointment! I always thought at some point the VST Transit would bring us together.


This is really disappointing. A cloud collaboration does not necessarily need to be used as vst, but just please give us a possibility to share my cubase projects with another cubase user via cloud without using exports, imports, stems, dropbox…


Would be a good time to explore BandLab Cakewalk. Lots of collaboration there.

This is very bad news.
Me and my friend were just looking for thid option to produce together virtually.

Another one bites the dust.

For me, the big advantage VST Transit offered was the ability to collaborate in non-realtime. While VST Connect is great, all participants need to be online at the same time.

Hopefully there will be a better alternative for offline collaboration than manual file transfer!

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well just …give it to an android developer. Mankind needs this sort of service. I’m sorry, but an college like Berklee would run this on their radio station budget. what, do you need a fundraiser? let’s talk to some people

I just looked at it I think it would have a better success if it had much better design and if it was promoted. More like a social media kinda look.

Is there a way to make collaboration happen cloud wise? Onedrive I suppose? Cloud DAW’s are a dime a dozen competition is stiff why remove functionality from an otherwise above average product?

Yes, you can use VST Connect to do realtime remote recording, but the only way to do non-realtime collaboration in Cubase is by file sharing, which is messy, and requires your collaborators to have Cubase.

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Right and it used to be 12 channels like in Bandlab?

So what are the best solutions for collaborating these days?

The post is already a few days old, but for me the whole thing is quite simple.
VST Transit was simply outrageously expensive when you consider that you can get 5 terrabyte of cloud storage for less than 10 euros/dollars.

I share my project via the file server, it’s annoying but apparently there’s no other way
But everyone can upload and download unlimited data.
It has its advantages;-)

time to change daw