Steinberg discontinues VST Transit service as of August 31, 2023

Dear customers,

After many years of putting our heart, soul and hard work into VST Transit, alas, the day has come to announce that this technology will no longer be available.

VST Transit is a great technology that brought musicians and producers together.

However, it also required high maintenance to provide the consistently high level of service that our customers deserve, making the technology no longer economically viable in the long run.

Please note that until August 31, 2023, the VST Transit service will continue to run fully operational, after which all projects stored on the Transit servers will no longer be accessible and will be deleted.

Will we offer a comparable service in the future? It’s difficult to predict today.

We believe in the concept and will assess ways to provide a similar service to our customers again.

If you have further questions regarding the discontinuation of VST Transit, please contact Steinberg Support.

very bad news. I desperately need a project collaboration service.

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What disappointment! I always thought at some point the VST Transit would bring us together.

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