Steinberg Dorico not showing up in account page - admin question

I’ve just had a look at my Steinberg account and Dorico is not listed.

Does anyone from Steinberg know why this might be?

I can find an email with a login to purchases which does show the software so there is a way around it, but I don’t understand why in “my products” only Cubase and Wavelab show up, and not Dorico.

The login is identical in both cases (ie: Steinberg account and login to shop from the link in the verification email. )

Did you activate your Dorico license on your USB-eLicenser, or did you instead activate it on your Soft-eLicenser? If the latter, then make sure that you register your Soft-eLicenser in MySteinberg in addition to your USB-eLicenser, and then Dorico should appear as expected.

thanks that seems to work