Steinberg download asistent

Hello,can somebody help me,I am first time here,new guy here,I have bought device and cubase 10 le comes with it,i have activation code i have steinberg download asistent instaled ,but it seems to be not working I dont know where i can download this cubase 10 le,can somebody tell me what to do?thanks Marek

Hi, what exactly does not work? If the Steinberg Download Assistant is installed, you can download Cubase LE 10 - even without a valid license which is required to start it of course.

hello,when i click on it ,it opens this column and that thing is turning and turning and nothing is happening and then it show check your internet connection and try it again

Thanks! Please send a ticket with the screenshots and the files you may find here:
%ProgramData%\Steinberg\Download Assistant\Logs
%localappdata%\Steinberg Download Assistant\logs

to the support team using the support form in MySteinberg (as the Steinberg Download Assistant was shown in German, you can also send the email in German)

Hello.i have instaled this download asistent,it is not working,i need just link where i can take cubase 10 le,i have activation code for it,thanks

Hello, i have the same problem, any solution?