Steinberg Download assistant 1.34.3 problems

Hello, can someone help me with Steinberg Download assistant?

Few days ago I did reinstall windows 10. And I tried to install Cubase 12 using Steinberg Download Assistant. But then the problem occurred.

  • Download process didn’t go smoothly. Many times it just freeze and showed by MB/s column was not changing.

  • Usually after this happened, I can not close the download assistant, it just says “Not responding”.

  • I’ve tried to turn off my anti virus but the problem still occurred.

  • And I did uninstall and reinstall Steinberg download assistant, but it showed the same result. I even redownload the Steinberg Download assistant.

  • So, what should I do?

  • And what happened with some apps that have already being installed not smoothly? will it become problem in the long run?

  • I thought this is the 1.34.3 problem, because I 've never had this kind of problem before.

Thank you and looking forward for your insight.

I’m using Windows 10, Lenovo yoga-14arr, focusrite Audio Interface with memory 32 Gb

I just found this document. But I’m not sure if it fixes your problem.

thank you for your attention.

yea, I went to look on that. But unfortunately the problem still occur for download assistant. But thanks again anyway…

guys, am I not being clear? I really need help.
What I’ve done now is like, after download one software I have to close Steinberg download assistant. Other wise it will freeze and can’t be closed. And then I will open it again, download one software, and close it again.
If it freeze in the middle of downloading, the previous downloaded software info

I’m sorry, but this is a user forum.
Sorry that I was answering in the first place.

No worries,…
I’ve been asking here when I had problems with my Cubase software. Maybe something has changed?.. don’t know

Nothing has changed! It was a user forum all the time.