Steinberg download Assistant 1.35.0 will not download nor install

Sonoma 14.1.1

  1. The Network Connection Was Lost. This happens on THREE different browsers.

  2. Before I could get it to download and when trying the install it would crash and send me back to the OS login screen??

  3. WTH is wrong with this software? Id like to INSTALL my Cubase 13 here

  4. The network disconnecting is doing that as well when I try to manually install C13 and the content.

  5. This ONLY happens with THIS website, no other issues here

@shanabit , you might be running into this issue, which can be solved by a manual update of the assistant:

CHriss, you are missing the point, I can’t even get the download assistant to download unless I right click and hit resume on the file a bunch of times, THEN when trying to INSTALL the DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT it CRASHES. Notice Im not even able to get to starting up the Download Assistant???

  1. Ive already tried to download the updated assistant, It will kick me off when downloading.

  2. THEN if I do get it to finally download and try installing, the installer crashes and sends me to the OS Login Window.

  3. OS is also showing a Window Server Error with a crash screen.

Im done

The whole thing is broken.
I was just trying to download that “Required Update” but it won’t even do that. The support website just loops itself back to main page and that’s it!
While I really like Cubase as a DAW the whole download manager thing whas a failure and a nightmare to deal with since day one… :confused:

Here’s a solution.

After downloading and installing the SDA latest version as suggested, I always got the server error message no matter how many times I downloaded and installed it.
Eventually I tried downloading the latest version to my iPhone and then transferred it to my iMac. Success, everything went according to plan.
Hope this works for anyone having the same issues.