Steinberg Download Assistant "can't connect to the server"

Hi! I’ve encountered this problem with “Steinberg Download Assistant”, as soon as I open the program it says that “it can’t establish a connection to the server” and to check my internet, which is working though…
I’ve update Java since I’ve seen there are files working with and allowed the application through the Firewall but nothing changed. I don’t know what to do next.
Hope someone can help. Thanks!

It might be that your installed version of Steinberg Download Assistant is old, and it’s trying but failing to update itself. Please try reinstalling the latest version from here and see if that allows you to progress further.

Thanks! It seems to have worked untill now :slight_smile:

When I try to open Steinberg Download Assistant I get the same error: “Steinberg Download Assistant was unable to connect to download manager. If this error persists, reinstall Steinberg Download Assistant or check if it is blocked by security settings, firewall or antivirus software.” I’ve tried everything I could find online about this including removing and re-installing. I’m using Windows 10 Pro. If I open Task Manager I can see it is running but I can’t access the program.

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Welcome to the forum, @mmcholm. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with SDA. My colleagues in the SDA team request the following information in order to help troubleshoot:

  • Mac/Win version (7/8/10/Mojave/Catalina, Home/Pro/Enterprise, 32/64bit)
  • SDA version
  • Steps to reproduce the error
  • Screenshot of the actual error
  • SDA installation logs (on windows: C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Download Assistant\Logs; on mac: /Library/Logs/Steinberg/Download Assistant)
  • SDA application logs (on Windows: C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Steinberg Download Assistant\logs; on mac: ~/Library/Logs/Steinberg/Download Assistant)

(Note that on mac installation logs are located under “/Library/…” and application logs under “~/Library/…” - those are different directories.)

  • Whether antivirus software is installed and which exactly
  • Does the same error happen when antivirus is disabled?
  • Is VPN running?
  • Is any proxy configured?
  • Any other known firewall, apps or network configuration that might interfere with other applications or network?

If you can provide these details, and especially the logs, I will pass your report on to the team.

I am having the same issue please help. I’m inacluding screenshots of the error message and proof that I’ve disabled all security. I’ve reinstalled it from the current download link several times. I always have issues with steinberg and am considering just giving up on my sunk cost and going with another daw years of frustration.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having this problem, Anthony. Could you please zip up the contents of the following folder:

C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Steinberg Download Assistant\logs

and upload the resulting zip file here? I should then be able to ask the SDA team to take a look and see if they have any ideas what is causing the problem.

Has there been a solution to this yet? I still cant get mine to work

Welcome to the forum, Benjamin. Can you follow the steps in my previous reply to create a zip file containing the relevant logs?

I am having same problem !! HELP PLEASE !!

Welcome to the forum, @Hridoy_Shahriar ,

What version of Dorico is giving you trouble, and did you have an earlier version of Dorico already on your machine? (Upgrading from Dorico 3 is different than upgrading from Dorico 4.)

What computer operating system (and version) does you computer run?

Can you give us a little more information, such as what you have tried so far and any error messages you are seeing?

Have you tried any of the suggestions already shown in this thread? If so, which ones, and what happened?

(Sorry to ask so many questions all at once, but it can speed up a solution.)

Is this enough ?

Thank you for the update.

Can I assume you tried deleting and reinstalling the Download Assistant?

Is this a personal (home) computer and not an office computer connected to a LAN?

If this doesn’t work, undoubtedly someone from Steinberg will be along shortly to give specific help.

I did but same problem .

Please provide the requested logs, @Hridoy_Shahriar, and I can pass them on to the team who might have some idea what to suggest.

Same issue. Win 11 64bit. Reinstalled SDA, stopped firewall, updated java, and other drivers, etc.

If you’re able to provide the requested logs, @Kerem_Eker, I can pass them on to the appropriate people within the company. (8.4 KB)

Thank you @dspreadbury. I have Kaspersky Internet Security (Firewall) and the issue persists even when I disable the firewall. There is no proxy, no vpn.

Thanks – I will pass these on to the SDA team and let you know if they are able to provide any suggestions. In the meantime, you should be able to download the content you require via the download pages on our web site. Start here.