Steinberg Download Assistant constantly freezes

I’m having problems downloading updates after purchasing the Cubase 13 Pro upgrade. The download assistant constantly freezes while trying to download individual parts of the upgrade. The program still responds but none of the downloads keep moving, I’ve had to restart the computer like 10 times for every single update, because simply trying to restart the program complains that it can’t reconnect to the servers, and hope they get finished before it freezes again. And the completed downloads lose progress even though they were supposed to be finished when I restart. Unacceptably frustrating.

See this announcement:
I have downloaded and manually installed the 1.35.x version recommended, but it is still saying it can’t connect.

[UPDATE] SDA seems to stay running in the backround even after the connection fails. I needed to log out (of Windows) and log back in again, then restart the newly-installed 1.35.0 version of SDA, and everything is OK again. The automatic update did not work for me, but the solution is to manually install and reboot. You can check your version in the “About” window of SDA, once it starts.

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Hi @Dunhart,

first of all: Welcome to the forum!

Are you still having those problems with the current self-updating process of Steinberg Download Assistant, or were you able to make your login work, in the meantime?

You can also check if all connected utilities are at their latest versions.

[ -Screenshot- ] Status: November 20, 2023 (I’m using the German localization)

As of November 20, 2023 - these are all of the current utilities’ software versions:

  • Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA): 1.35.0
  • Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM):
  • Steinberg Library Manager (SLM):
  • Steinberg MediaBay:
  • eLicenser Control Center (eLCC):
  • Steinberg Install Assistant (SIA):