Steinberg Download Assistant creates a shortcut on Desktop every time it updates (Win10)

  1. Launch Steinberg Download Assistant.
  2. It starts to install an update without asking.
  3. After the installation there’s a eLicenser Control Center shortcut on Desktop.

I don’t need it.
I don’t like to remove the shortcut every time it updates.
Please, make the installer a bit more user friendly.


I feel with you - but… well… this is such a minor thing - many installers do so. I know, I know… the fact that many installers do so is not an excuse for the specific one you are complaining about.
Having said that: Clicking options in an installer dialogue is roughly the same effort as removing unwanted links from the desktop after the install process.
Just my 2 cents worth.
all the best, Ernst

Minor things combined could destroy a customer’s loyalty.

In case of the automatic update that launches without asking just because I’ve started an app, there shouldn’t be any installer dialogs with options at all. The app should just transparently update and from a user it should feel like nothing happened.

Thus, if I need a shortcut, it’ll already be on my Desktop from the very first installation, the path to the executable shouldn’t change, so the shortcut will still work.
And if I don’t have a shortcut on my Desktop, that means I don’t need it and it shouldn’t be there everytime after an update.

Well, I respect your opinion.

At the same time I consider it a luxury debate – could personally not think about any less important “issue”.

Just my 2 cents.