Steinberg Download Assistant downloaded files taking up space

Hey guys, what to do with the downloads for installed apps/plugins via the Steinberg Download Assistant?
Right now, the Steinberg downloads folder on my PC is 11.2GB.

I don’t see an automatic option to delete after it’s done with an install, Native Instruments Access for example just does it by default! You can delete each download manually, and only for those downloads it’s registered, I found that Novel Piano for example, the folder existed in the downloads folder but not seen the tick in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

It seems the Steinberg Download Assistant keeps a record of what is installed via the downloads folder (the green box with a tick).

I believe Steinberg are working on resolving this to use one app, right now, it’s three, SAM, Download Assistant and Library Manager but how long away is it from release.

Perhaps the next update of the Steinberg Download Assistant can have an option to delete the download once it’s done with the install?


You can delete the files manually using your OS file browser.

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Well isn’t it there: (not automatic but …)