Steinberg Download Assistant Error. A connection to the download server

I know other people have had this problem but I have seen no solution in the forums. I have made a ticket to Steinberg but in nearly a month they have not answered.
Bought an upgrade for my Cubase Artist but the SDA won’t connect with the server quoting only that a connection to the download server could not be established etc. Found that a patch was needed to upgrade it ,did that, no difference. reinstalled countless times and also eLicenser to be sure. Nothing!!!
Anyone help please

I have downloaded and installed and uninstalled that many times and it hasn’t worked

Continuous deinstall/install doesn’t help at all, if it didn’t work in the first place.

What operating system are you using? Do you have a firewall, that blocks, or is your virus scanner stopping you from the connection?

using Sonoma 14.1.2
will check firewall/ virus scanner although I am not good with these things- Using McAfee.
update…Firewall is off, in fact I have now turned off Total Protection and checked that internal Mac firewall is off

Still same outcome

Ok, so I’m the wrong person to help you any further here, because I avoid everything that is from Apple.

However, maybe @Martin.Jirsak has some more ideas here.

ok thanks


Which Steinberg Download Assistant version do you have, please?

Hi Martin
Well the very latest that Steinberg have asked us to download

so still no resolve here.Any other ideas?