Steinberg Download Assistant - Error1

Steinberg Download Assistant - Error The download cannot be started because you do not have write X permissions on the target directory. Please choose another directory. 244 OK


Then either change the permission of the target directory or change the folder, where do you want to download the files, please.

It’s clear from @Martin.Jirsak’s post – there are two choices, not just one.

Resurrecting this thread because I’ve never managed to get the Steinberg Download Assistant to download anything. I keep getting the error (see images) despite allowing Full Disk Access and Read & Write permissions. I can get around it easily enough by downloading manually but why is this functionality broken for me? Tried again with it today after updating the software but still unable to use it.
Files & Folders in System Prefs
Full Disk Access in Prefs
Read & Write Permissions
SB Download Assistant Error

I have the same issue. Want to download my vst instruments to my synology nas, which acts as an external drive, but Download Assistant won’t allow me…
I’m on Win 10, and on Cubase 12 pro,

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