Steinberg Download Assistant Failing for Groove Agent SE Content (Cubase v11)


Until yesterday, Steinberg’s “Download Assistant” had worked reasonably reliably for me, only requiring restarts for 5 or 6 of the largest downloads in the past year. Not brilliant … but reasonably tolerable.

Since yesterday evening, I’ve attempted well over 20 times to download the Groove Agent SE 5 content (as part of the Cubase v11 upgrade). In fact, whilst writing this I’ve had to re-start it 4 times alone!

Every single time it has failed to complete (or verify even if it did). Clearing out the requisite download folder has made no difference. Re-starting SDA had no effect. Rebooting had no effect. THE SDA update had no effect. Nothing sensible has had any effect. It fails anywhere from <1GB to the full amount (also failing to verify the download even if it actually completes).

For circa 20+GB of Cubase v11 downloads, I’ve so far had to (repeatedly) download in excess of 80GB of data!!! Thankfully I’m not on a metered broadband service.

Surely there’s a better implementation of this Aria2 utility such that the entire process does not have to be started again and again and again and again from scratch? Surely Aria2 has the ability to re-start a download from where it left off? If not, why are you using it, Steinberg!?

And, if Steinberg cannot make something work reliably, then perhaps going back to the previously reliably fall-back option of FTP’ing it directly ought to be explored and not simply removed with little to no regard for the needs of the user community(?) - a community which pays handsomely and has every right to expect a professional service at all times.

And before anyone (helpfully) suggests it’s the Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity: we have a Wi-Fi mesh (4 fast and stable booster hubs) which serves to run 3 simultaneous Netflix/Amazon Prime accounts at HD standards without issue, streaming multiple HD music accounts plus online radio whilst there are Zoom, Teams or Skype video calls without a glitch, not to mention several iPhones, and - importantly - manages to download large files from the likes of Arturia, Native Instruments and EastWest without them ever failing!

Furthermore, I’ve also tried connecting said laptop via Ethernet cable to the router (it still didn’t work any more reliably) whilst our broadband manages to cope consistently with >25Mbps download speeds during the day. I even initially attempted this process overnight - between 01:00 and 04:00 where there would be absolutely no external contention for the broadband service from our neighbours - and it still failed repeatedly!

So, does anyone have any ideas? Steinberg - anyone listening? I’ve raised a couple of faults … but you’re still yet to acknowledge them (let alone respond) almost 36 hours on.

If I pull any more hair out, I shan’t simply be bald … I’ll be Brazilian! :- :crazy_face: :roll_eyes: :open_mouth:

All I wanna do is write music … not perform Tech Support, Network Administration or compensate for any other developer-related shortcomings.

And breathe…


PS We’re now up to 26 download attempts! 27 here we come…

Have you tried without the Download Assistant?

I’ll be entirely honest, Nico, I didn’t even go looking for this as I’d been told ‘direct downloads’ had been removed by a Steinberg customer support agent in a previous dialogue a few years back.
Thank you for this - I’ll give it a go.

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