Steinberg Download Assistant hangs when updating Steinberg Library Manager

I am on Windows 11. Dorico prompts me to install this update, but the process is confusing. The Steinberg Download Assistant churns endlessly and I had to End Task in Windows Task Manager to stop it. I don’t know how to install this update.

Alternatively you can download our software via the Steinberg website here, but make sure you follow the instructions closely.

Endlessly? On my Windows 11 Insider Preview it goes for a very long time (minutes), but not endless. Have you just given it time, or killed the process?

You may want to edit your topic title to make it rather more specific. As people browse the forum to help they have no idea what this is about at the top level.

(I’ve edited the title of the thread.)

Konrad, normally the only reason SDA hangs like this is if it’s unable to actually install the software it’s trying to update, perhaps because the file is locked, the application is open, etc. Try restarting your PC and then run SDA: hopefully nothing will be running or locked if you try the update immediately after a restart.