Steinberg download assistant no connection error

Hi there,

I want to try Cubase 9.5 before buying it. I downloaded the download assistant to download cubase but during the opening process it tells me that I don’t have internet connection and force me to quit the application

This is what I have in my logs. I like to point at that I tried to disable my firewalls and other stuffs and that my internet connection is ok. There’s nothing in my hosts file too

[JavaFX-Launcher] o.s.boot.SpringApplication : Started application in 4.114 seconds (JVM running for 5.429)
[Thread-11] n.s.e.d.m.p.ProductLineService : Loading ProductLine-IDs: [a27f5fd5-3e30-47ac-a10c-dec15219df2c, e40d8947-97a3-4e77-8e1a-f62e5baf2c4d, 3e58908f-3015-420d-9204-274e3efd157e, 2f703b62-18c8-4300-b157-befceeaa821b, ab2d3a23-142e-4f56-8fe9-61a0a6fe46ea, f8fb2ea9-db00-41e1-976f-8a9e485f69e6, 2eb201f7-80bc-4228-ab03-4d8200001853, 3742d496-ed42-49f0-a26a-49a07b82f644, 7ce13427-05d7-4714-ac9a-c6879ae4ceb1, 27b37443-57c5-47f8-93fe-205025856935, 49c6c46c-7f4b-4d42-95cc-4adde18f603e, 2de9cb1b-3ca5-47d0-8ee1-f13030d21a31, e6efc707-1b84-4095-9b99-88139c5621ec]
[JavaFX Application Thread] n.s.e.d.g.d.DownloadViewController : Failed to establish connection!
[JavaFX Application Thread] : showFailedToEstablishServerConnectionDialog() - cause: Connect to [/] failed: Connection refused: connect
[JavaFX Application Thread] : stop() - Stopping application…
[JavaFX Application Thread] s.c.a.AnnotationConfigApplicationContext : Closing org.springframework.context.annotation.AnnotationConfigApplicationContext@1b488c1: startup date [Mon Jan 08 13:50:21 CET 2018]; root of context hierarchy
[JavaFX Application Thread] o.s.j.e.a.AnnotationMBeanExporter : Unregistering JMX-exposed beans on shutdown
[JavaFX Application Thread] : stop() - …done

Anyone can help me with that or give me a direct link to cubase 9.5 setup ?

Thanks !

can you download it direct from this page